Mipharm was founded in January 1998 by Mr. Giuseppe G. Miglio, who can show more than 40 years of experience in the pharmaceutical world and in Sandoz Holding, where he covered many and growing positions. In 1986 he was appointed to President and Managing Director of Sandoz Prodotti Farmaceutici SpA ; in 1990 he was appointed President and Managing Director of Sandoz Holding Italia Spa. In 1996, he managed first the merger between Sandoz and Ciba Geigy and then he was appointed President of Novartis Italy, until he decided to found Mipharm, a new company that in few years has become an important player in pharmaceutical market both in Italy and in Europe.

Mipharm acquired from Novartis the production site (former Sandoz facility) based in Milan: starting from its production capacity, many third party production agreements have been signed.

Up to 2009, Mipharm developed an integrated business model based on a modern and efficient production site and on a Business Unit Promotion focused on sales & marketing of new and innovative products. In addition, Mipharm created a R&D Department dedicated to the development of innovative products and the Business Unit Special Services mainly focused on Trial Logistics Management and on the development of new products in the generic and supergeneric field. Today Mipharm is one of the most valuable third party manufacturing site in Italy and it can claim to have obtained 4 FDA approvals:

  • 1998 Nasal Spray Solution
  • 2003 Oral Potent Drug
  • 2008 Sachet
  • 2011 General Inspection – NO 483 Issues
  • 2013 Solid Form Packaging in bottles and tubes

Mipharm, conscious of the necessity to have high quality production capacity to satisfy customers needs, has invested significant resources to continuously improve qualitative standard of the manufacturing site. Today Mipharm is able to produce and to pack a huge range of products and pharmaceutical forms. Furthermore, Mipharm, during its 10 years of activity, signed significant manufacturing agreements with Novartis Pharma for products sold all over the world. In 2002, Mipharm became "preferred supplier" of Novartis Pharma that, in addition, acquired 10% of Mipharm's shares.

In June 2009, the partnership with Novartis Group reached a new important step: Sandoz Italy acquired the ownership of the products portfolio marketed by Mipharm in Italy and Mipharm obtained to become the manufacturing site of additional Sandoz products, both international and national productions, and also the development of new products based on the innovative technologies in Mipharm's availability for the national and international markets.

Following the new step of the partnership with Novartis Group, Mipharm has created a new business model through a re-definition of its industrial positioning that will be strengthened in the coming years. Thanks also to the new alliance with Novartis/Sandoz, Mipharm has decided to implement a strategy focused on "High Class Generics" and "Super Generic products".

Today generic market is highly competitive and to reach a position of excellence means to practice a clear strategy based on perfect mix between quality and customers service. In this way Mipharm is ready to compete in pharmaceutical market characterised by an environment more and more dynamic and difficult.