Manufacturing division phylosophy

In the recent past most pharmaceutical companies had a large number of factories scattered all over the world.

More recently, production plants have been significantly reorganised and concentrated as the result of:

- Increased pressure on costs
- Governments may be less able to subsidise investments of mid-size companies
- Merger / acquisition activities
- New, strict GMP rules
- Focus on other core activities (Business Development e Production)

Consequently, pharmaceutical companies are concentrating their manufacturing efforts on their core products and new technologies Major opportunities are being offered for the outsourcing of:

- Classical Manufacturing
- High Class Generics (2010)
- Generics / Supergenerics Production
- Niches where heavy capital investment can be avoided
- Third-party manufacturers will be successful when located in countries where outstanding pharmaceutical skills are available together with flexibility, creativity and a customer-oriented service culture. Northern Italy fits this picture perfectly.

Focus on Technology / Innovation


- State-of-the-art site
- FDA approval
- Special production
- New technical strategy (Lean + IQP)

Development / Special Services

- Using new technological platforms
- Supergenerics